Aklang307 Bjørn Thevik – Introitus

Bjørn Thevik – Introitus aklangcd307

Introitus is the debut album from one of Norway´s most exiting synthesizer players. Performing live with his Moog synthesizer and two analogue tape machines, Thevik creates beautiful atmospheric low-key analogue music.

Bjørn Thevik plays synthesizer, double bass and electric bass. He has toured with the experimental pop trio Dinosau and also Klaus Holm and Stig Rennestraum.
When he plays solo he uses analogue synthesizers and old tape recorders to make slowly changing landscapes of sound that stretches from melodic parts to texture based waves of sound. Bjørn has, with his background in jazz, improvisation as a main element in his music.
Introitus is Bjørn Thevik ́s first solo album. He uses a Moog synthesizer and two Nagra tape recorders to make a low key musical journey. The music gives associations to folk music, western art music and rhythmic based improvisation music.
Introitus is the first in a series of releases by Bjørn Thevik.